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Rocketplane® Limited, Inc. and Kistler Aerospace Corporation Full Press Release

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Sat Mar 4, 2006 12:03 am
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Rocketplane® Limited, Inc. and Kistler Aerospace Corporation announced that they are joining forces as a new space transportation team, effective immediately. This team is made up of two of the most entrepreneurial and technically mature companies in the New Space business community, with histories dating back to the start of the entrepreneurial space movement in the early 1990’s. The Rocketplane Kistler team will provide unique sub-orbital and orbital commercial space transportation services for passengers and cargo through its fleet of highly reliable, cost effective, and re-useable aerospace vehicles.

“Dr. George Mueller and the Kistler team have developed a mature and technologically sound design capable of revolutionizing space transportation,” said George French, Jr., CEO and President, Rocketplane. “Rocketplane Kistler has a unique chance of making commercial space viable by reducing the cost to orbit and by building a fleet of cargo-carrying vehicles for transport to LEO, Space Station and beyond. “

The Rocketplane Kistler team combines the best in horizontal and vertical space launch with suborbital spaceplanes that are optimized for near-term space tourist and microgravity research applications, and two-stage fully reusable vertical launch vehicles that are optimized for International Space Station crew and cargo delivery and affordable, responsive commercial launch services.

The two companies, while utilizing different vehicle architectures, share many common core technologies including robust thermal protection systems; liquid oxygen / kerosene rocket propulsion, advanced integrated vehicle health management systems; and an overall high Technical Readiness Level. The new commercial organization joins two teams who have proven technical competencies, and a passionate vision for the commercialization and future development of the space transportation industry.

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