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Russia Develops Spaceship with Nuclear Engine

Published by Matt on Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:16 pm via: source
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FRYAZINO (Moscow Region), October 28 – The Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos has developed a design for a piloted spacecraft powered by a nuclear engine, the head of the agency said on Wednesday.

“The project is aimed at implementing large-scale space exploration programs,” Anatoly Perminov said at a meeting of the commission on the modernization of the Russian economy.

RD-0410 NTP Engine developed by Russia in the 1960's. Credit – Dietrich Haeseler

RD-0410 NTP Engine developed by Russia in the 1960's. Credit – Dietrich Haeseler

He added that the development of Megawatt-class nuclear space power systems (MCNSPS) for manned spacecraft was crucial for Russia if the country wanted to maintain a competitive edge in the space race, including the exploration of the Moon and Mars.

Perminov said that the draft design of the spacecraft would be finalized by 2012, and the financing for further development in the next nine years would require an investment of at least 17 billion rubles (over $580 million).

Anatoly Koroteyev, president of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics and head of the Keldysh research center, earlier said that the key scientific and technical problem in sending manned missions to the Moon and Mars was the development of new propulsion systems and energy supplies with a high degree of energy-mass efficiency.

The current capabilities of the Russian space industry are clearly insufficient either to set up a permanent base on the Moon or accomplish an independent manned mission to Mars, he said.

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About time someone on the planet gets the damn guts and build a rocket that can realistic deal with space.
Unfortunately this is just another government paper making exercise. Building real hardware is the only way to develop technology.
Thing is, the ENTIRE Universe runs on "nuclear" power (fission/fusion). To me it's only natural that we (humans) would utilize MORE nuclear energy in all that we do ... space flight would seem obvious! The key issues being safety in operation (i.e. STOP selecting the "lowest bidder" mentality) and safely disposing of the spent fuel. (i.e. consider - seriously - the scale of sending our nuke waste to the SUN - it would be absorbed and dissipated like a drop of water in 100,000 (+/-) times the total volumes of the oceans of earth).
Let me explain to you why we should NEVER dispose of anything to the sun.

imagine our earth is a blue ball of clay
you can take a piece off of it and form
a little man or a little car or what have you.
when you're done with that little creation
you can roll it up with the rest of the blue
clay and never loose any mass.

Now, If you take pieces off the ball and throw them
into the fire, eventually you will be left with nothing.

Disposing of anything on the sun is a horrible idea
we have to recycle everything if the human race is
to survive. eventually we will have to mine trash dumps
for resources- ipods and refrigerators have prescious metals
that can be used for other things.
By the time we are disposing of nuclear waste into the sun, I am pretty sure we will be mining other planets for resources.
I thought our planet was growing, due to continually being bombarded by space dust, meteors, asteroids and comets, ?
Correct, it would take many many thousands of years to erode the earth a drop at a time. But if we are to continue as a race by this time we will need to extend our domain to the milkyway and beyond. Because man in all his vaulted wisdom will destroy our garden in the sun long before that.
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