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ARCA - Mission 3 Updates

Published by Rob Goldsmith on Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:04 am
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The first launch attempt of Helen vehicle will take place starting with October 29 from the Black Sea, depending on weather. The requested conditions: cloud coverage max. 20% and sea level wind speed max. 5 m/s.

Dumitru Popescu has presented Mission 3 program on board of F221 Navy Frigate (See image below)

Dumitru Popescu presented Mission 3 program on board of F221 Navy Frigate.

Dumitru Popescu presented Mission 3 program on board of F221 Navy Frigate.

Also at Constanta, theĀ  ARCA Team and Romanian Navy discussed the detailed procedures for the Helen launch. Helen will be using a gravitational stability method in vertical flight without aerodynamic surfaces or jet commands, by towing the component stages and payload. The towing can be made by cable, or rigid-articulated system.

In order to have a stabilized rocket in vertical flight, in gravitational field, this method is using a towed mass in the same direction with the thrust. This mass consists in the next rocket stages and payload. The stability effect depends of several elements: the mass of the stabilized body, the mass of the towed mass and the length between the centers of gravity of the stabilized body and the stabilizer body.

This method can be applied in the extra atmospheric space on vertical ascendant or descendent trajectory under the influence of gravitational field.

The name of this method will be Popescu-Diaconu, after the name of the individuals that designed it. This method will be used for the first time on the Mission 3 flight of the Helen vehicle for the Google Lunar X Prize.

Space Fellowship members can vote on the launch at the “What is your opinion about Popescu – Diaconu stabilization method?” forum poll.

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