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Exoge Aerospace - KN/Resin Mixtures for use in Igniters.

Published by Rob Goldsmith on Sun Oct 25, 2009 10:46 am via: source
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I have been testing KN/Resin mixtures for use in my igniters. The goal is to have a mix that is easy to make. Sugar/KN takes alot of time and cooking to produce. Sugar has the benefit of being able to be heated and repacked unlike the resin mixtures. I don’t think I will need that ability. I also want them to not be hygroscopic and Sugar can’t provide that for me.

I first tried mixing Polyester Resin I purchased from the auto parts store. It was from 3M. I tried many varying mixtures. None would really stay lit no matter what the mix was. I did manage to get some to stay burning but nothing spectacular.



I went and bought some 5 min epoxy from the local store. It was the kind in the two tubes that you squeeze out and then mix together. It was 25 grams worth. I then mixed in 75 grams of KN and stirred it up. There was some residue of iron oxide due to me not cleaning the coffee grinder. Most likely less than a gram. I tested it at 0.57mm/s. Not very fast but should work for the igniter. I will try adding more iron oxide as well as adding more epoxy. I want the mix to be pourable. It doesn’t take but a few grams of the wet ingredient to make it like a thick syrup. I have to mix and pour fast though. I also need to measure the temperature of it since it does get warm to the touch. I will probably get the 7 min epoxy next round to give me time to pour.

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