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Beyond-Earth Enterprises: LC-3 Recovered

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Sat Jan 14, 2006 4:27 pm
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News Update Beyond-Earth; We launched our last rocket at the Pawnee National Grasslands in Colorado. The rocket seemed to disappear without a trace. On January 7th we had a positive identification and GPS coordinates given to us by Warren Musselman, a member of Northern Colorado Rocketry and frequent flyer at the Pawnee launch site.

The next day we launched a recovery expedition. The coordinates put the rocket on private property so we asked permission from the Anderson family to retrieve the bird. Two of their children Ty and Kerby came out and helped us locate and recover LC-3.

We’d like to thank the Andersons, Warren and all the people in the area we spoke with trying to locate our machine. We are very grateful for their help.

Some facts about the flight:

  • 100% payload recovery
  • Minimal damage to the rocket
  • Computers intact but data corrupt
  • Recovery point was 4.4 miles from the launch site

  • Company Information
    Beyond-Earth is leading the way to the commercialization of space by providing small payload launch capabilities at affordable rates. The Beyond-Earth staff is committed to revitalizing the American Public’s interest in Space and conducts educational demos and lectures at area schools.

    We are dedicated to coordinating the development of inexpensive alternatives to existing space launch systems and methods. We want to clear the way for Industry and Universities to send their small payloads to space. We’re not trying to take over from the satellite launchers at all!

    We want to make space fun. We want to give everyone on the planet the opportunity to fly into space; either by sending collectibles to space or by creating and flying their very own science experiments. By bringing mass assembly techniques to the aerospace industry, we hope to create a faster more economical space transportation system. It really shouldn’t cost billions of dollars to get there.

    Launch Facilities
    Our launch facility is located in Frederick, Oklahoma. This progressive city has a growing pool of expertise in Launch capabilities.

    And we are in good company in Frederick as HighShips, the Global Space League, and Takeoff Technologies all have a presence at the Capps Space Science Center and more companies are joining them as they pick up momentum.

    Operations Facility
    Our primary operations center is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This city of about half a million people is the nerve center of our development efforts. Many of the traditional aerospace companies such as Lockheed Martin and ITT have offices here. There is also a large military presence with NORAD, Space Command, and Fort Carson close by.

    Needless to say, this is a great place to find people who know the ins and outs of the current aerospace field. If you are looking for an expert, this is a great place to find one.

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