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Orion Propulsion News Update

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Wed Jan 11, 2006 6:04 pm
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(source: Newsletter) – Orion Propulsion is a small, innovative company in Madison, Alabama, that is committed to affordable aerospace solutions. We specialize in the design, fabrication, and testing of rocket system devices that are beneficial to making spaceflight systems simpler and safer, while also lowering costs.
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Orion Develops “Heterodyne Igniter”

As an alternative to the spark igniter, Orion has developed several acoustic igniter test articles. One of these test articles was used to ignite RP1, and now Orion is trying to ignite methane. The latest article design is the “Heterodyne Igniter”. The Heterodyne Igniter consists of two opposed resonators joined together at their smallest diameter. They either share a common section or each is full length and do not share a common element. The pressure of one resonator is varied to obtain the optimum temperature. Then, the pressure on the other resonator is varied until it’s frequency approaches the first resonator. This test article has been constructed and is awaiting tests.

Orion Continues Development of “Orion Compact Hybrid”

Unlike traditional hybrid propulsion engines-motors, this design approach encompasses a low aspect ratio (length to diameter ratio), making this hybrid rocket configuration very attractive for packaging. Compared to conventional hybrid rocket motors, it offers high density impulse, combustion stability, packaging, compactness, simplicity, and 100% fuel utilization.The rocket technology is scalable and can be used with most traditional hybrid rocket motor fuels and oxidizers, including gelled oxidizers.

Orion Propulsion Supports the 2005 X-Prize Cup

Orion Propulsion attended the 2005 X-Prize Cup in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Tim Pickens served as a panelist for the “Space as a Place” track for the International Symposium on Personal Spaceflight. In addition, Orion had a booth at the ISPS, where they displayed many hardware items. Included in these items were the 100lbf GOX/Methane RCS thruster, an acoustic igniter, and a 12,000 lbf LOX/ Kerosene engine. We were pleased by the great response we received from the X-Prize Cup crowd, and look forward to attending next year. For more information concerning our X-Prize Cup visit, you can go to www.xprizenews.org or visit www.michaelbelfiore.com/blog. It seems our next idea is gaining a lot of attention…

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