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Micro-Space Life Support for MARS Society

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Mon Dec 12, 2005 8:17 pm
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Press Release; Micro-Space is working with the MARS Society to produce life support systems for testing in their Habitat. Extended human experience will prove that compact, efficient and effective systems are available for their proposed expeditions, and that affordable missions to that planet, with modest consumables, are already practical. The first tested systems will be oxygen generators and respiratory gas processors. Later, Carbon Dioxide reprocessing will be added, and highly efficient water processing. These will effectively zero the non-food consumables for manned planetary and space missions. Food alone can weigh less than 400 pounds per person, per year. A solo, roundtrip Mars mission can make do with 1000 pounds of supplies!

Dr. Tony Muscatello, of Pioneer Astronautics and the MARS Society, is coordinating this work with Micro-Space. The MARS Society is understandably focused on serious, scientific expeditions. However, the first Life Support demonstration systems will be directly applicable to solo pioneering missions to Mars, or its moons, if these should occur.

The full size Micro-Space centrifugal water evaporator has now been running 2500 hours in accelerated life tests at 14 times its planned speed. Its demonstrated rotational life already exceeds that needed for a Mars mission, although elapsed time is only 11% of that requirement. This unit will complete the processing of bio-wastes, separating dissolved solids from pure distilled water, the same way that it happens on the Earth. This system alone will recapture water which would otherwise add thousands of pounds per person to trip consumables. Fore more information, visit The Official Micro-Space Forum.

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