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Elevator 2010: 2006 Competition preparations

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Thu Dec 1, 2005 12:51 am
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Press release; We have recently announced the dates and details of the 2006 competition (august 4th – please mark your calendars) and have started planning for them – We would very much like to have the 2006 be a public air-show like event. This will be harder to do, but is well worth the effort, since it will generate even more interest in the project

In 2006, the beam power teams will enter both a climber and a beam source. This is more complex system than was required in 2005, where the beam source was provided by Spaceward. To help new teams with their first strides, we are introducing a “limited” competition in 2006, which is basically a repeat of the 2005 formula, allowing the teams to enter climbers only, still using a Spaceward provided power source. The limited competition is not eligible for the $200,000 prize purse, but nevertheless it’s a very good way to take your first step towards a full entry in 2007.

The current list of teams is at http://www.elevator2010.org/site/teams.html

2005 Competition Wrap-Up

For those of you who haven’t checked them out yet, we have now posted our entire photo album at http://www.elevator2010.org/site/gallery.html. browse and enjoy! (Click any image for a larger view)

The purpose of the 2005 competition was to get the media’s attention, get a beam powered climber moving on a ribbon, and to start a new yearly tradition. We think we did ok on these fronts. Of course the real effect of Elevator:2010 will only be measurable in a few years’ time, but we can definitely claim to have enlarged the circle of people who have heard of the Space Elevator concept.

It took us almost a month to clean up after the party, take care of press inquiries, take a short break. Vacation is over though now, and we’re pressing ahead.


One of our immediate objectives is to create year-round visibility for Elevator:2010. As it stands now, Elevator:2010 can only commend media attention during the competition – a short spike of interest once a year. What we’d like to have is a more persistent presence in the media, and for that we’re now pushing to get MSTL financed.

For those of you who weren’t here when we announced it, check out http://www.elevator2010.org/site/mstl.html) for details.

We believe that with time, MSTL will come to play a bigger role in our operations than the competitions, but right now it will require a lot of time and attention to make it happen.

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