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NASA suggests teaming up with Russia for Mars flight

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:31 pm
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MOSCOW, (RIA Novosti) – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has invited Russia to carry out a joint manned flight to Mars, the head of NASA’s Moscow office said on Tuesday.

Russia is currently planning to send its own expedition to Mars some time in the future.

Marc Bowman told an international aviation and space conference in Moscow that the Mars mission should take advantage of the achievements made by the International Space Station and use a multinational crew.

He said the flight should be under the control of NASA and the Russian space agency but with the participation of international space agencies.

However, he said that before a joint flight to Mars could be made, it was necessary to complete the ISS mission and fly to the Moon to collect essential scientific and technical information.

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Imagine if Obama would put 10% of the deficit he's created into the Space Program.
The US economy imploded months before the current president took office. If you want the USA to continue to be a world leader, you need to step beyond overly simplistic partisan politics. The world is not black or white, much like the American political spectrum isn't red or blue. (I'm not American and growing tired of the moronic political finger pointing that seems to have become the norm in recent years).

You're an American citizen. Figure out how you - personally - can help to boost the profile of NASA and encourage funding. That's what democracy is all about.
August 21, 2009 (LPAC) Here is LaRouche's reply to a question at a diplomatic luncheon Aug. 19, on his Aug. 1 webcast call for a 50-year program for a manned mission to Mars.

First of all, you have to re-educate people in economics, because most of our economists don't understand how to run an economy. That's why they call them economists. I have some good friends who are economists, but they are not of this evil type, not the Wall Street type.

But the problem here is that people don't understand the space program. Now, there is a long-term human reason for the space program. One, is simply because it's necessary to do that. We can not sit on one planet, like prisoners on the planet, and wait for the catastrophes that are likely to happen to this planet to occur. Now, all of that is in the distant future. But sometimes you've to think about the distant future.

Secondly, in order to maintain an economy, you must have a high rate of technological and related progress, scientific and technological progress. To do that you need a driver program. Since the 1920s, the indicated driver program—which was started actually in Germany, but other people were involved, Goddard, for example, in the United States—was the idea of going to the Moon. For it was understood by any astronomer or any competent person, that if you want to go into space, beyond Earth, the first thing you have to do is go to the Moon, to our Moon, and establish a base on the Moon from which you enter space—economically. And to do that you have to build industries on the Moon which enable you to build the equipment which you will go into space with.

You have about ten nations that now are committed to going to the Moon. Why? Because they have intelligent people in those nations. Those nations realize that if you aren't on the Moon, you're not going to get beyond Earth. And therefore you won't be able to get beyond Earth. And therefore, in order to deal with some of the problems on Earth, you're going to have to go to the Moon.

Now, the next place you have to go to is Mars. Now we can go to Mars.

Read the full discussion at: https://www.larouchepac.com/node/11516
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