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Excalibur Almaz to Pioneer Private Orbital Manned Space Flight

Published by Rob Goldsmith on Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:29 pm via: source
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Moscow, 18 August 2009, — Excalibur Almaz Limited (EA), an international space exploration company, today announced plans to open up a new era of private orbital space flight for commercial customers, using updated elements of the “Almaz” space system originally developed by JSC MIC NPO Mashinostroyenia (NPOM) of Russia.



Realization of EA’s project with technical assistance from NPOM will allow regular access to and from space. This project joins Russian space technology expertise with an international private enterprise to create a commercial offering of orbital spaceflight services for global customers. EA plans to offer week-long orbital space flights beginning as early as 2013 – taking a big leap beyond the sub-orbital flight market targeted by most other private space companies. In addition to NPOM, other leading aerospace firms in the U.S., Europe and Japan will provide technical support for EA’s space flight operations. 

The original Almaz space system technology, comprising reusable reentry vehicle (RRV) and space station, was successfully tested in flight by NPOM. Working with NPOM and its international contractors, EA is now updating the spacecraft to conduct crew and cargo space missions for private individuals, corporations, academic institutions and national governments.

EA Founder and CEO Art Dula said, “Through cooperation with NPOM and with the support of leading space contractors around the world and an exceptionally strong management and advisory team, EA is in a unique position to initiate a new era of private orbital space exploration.” Cosmonaut Vladimir Titov, advisor to EA in Russia, said, “With this announcement, the dream of private orbital space exploration may become a reality in the very near future.”

About the Almaz program
The Almaz program was a military space program of the Soviet Union. The rocket and space complex “Almaz” developed at NPOM comprised orbital manned space station, transport vehicle, reusable reentry vehicle (RRV) for 3 persons, a cargo capsule delivering information to the Earth, and ground support facilities.
This space complex was successfully tested both on the ground and in space.

Three crews of Soviet cosmonauts worked on the manned orbital space stations. The RRVs went through nine flight tests, with two RRVs flown to orbit several times, demonstrating their reusability.
The rich legacy of the Almaz program continues to live in all space stations built to date. The orbital manned Almaz space station is the origin of the Salyut and Mir space stations, and the International Space Station (ISS) inherited from Almaz the configuration of its main service module “Zvezda”.

The Almaz transport vehicle provided the basis for the ISS module “Zarya,” and also for the Salyut-7 space station module Kosmos-1686 and a line of modules for the Mir space station.

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