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Latest happenings at JP Aerospace

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Sat Oct 22, 2005 12:17 am
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Away 27

Away 27 is starting to look like a high altitude probe. The small upper deck, which also serves as the fin mount, was installed Saturday along with boom camera decks. The primary and backup GPS telemetry systems were tested. We made new housing for them both. You need to look good if you’re going to hang out at the edge of space.

Away 28

The mechanics of the drum braking system are complete. Now we’re building the interface to the flight computer. The brake looks suspiciously like a bicycle brake… I wonder if bicycle parts have seen the curve of the Earth before?


Propeller crafting seems to take a nearly infinite amount of time. We’re on the home stretch. The top finish layer and drilling the mounting holes is all that’s left. We’ve also created molds for new carbon hubs to join the props to the motors. The hubs highlight a odd aspect of JPA tech. High precision cutting edge tech sitting along side duct tape and home depot parts.

New Video The Long Road

We have a new video. This is a compilation of 86 missions in just under four minutes. It’s a big file (8 megs), but it’s a lot of fun. The music is a song written for JPA by Space Vacuum. If you watch carefully you can my son growing up in those four minutes. He has been dragged to the dessert since he could walk. Now he’s that tall guy who kinda looks like JP in the a lot of the later scenes.

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