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HobbySpace at the X Prize Cup

Published by Robin on Mon Oct 10, 2005 5:41 am
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Clark Lindsey’s reports on RLV and Space Transport News, with photos from the event, and a final overview promised tonight or tomorrow.

XP Cup Expo Report #1 “Looks like it will be a great space show, assuming the rain doesn’t dampen the fun.”
XP Cup Expo Report #2 “The big news so far is that from Brant Sponberg of the Centennial Challenges just announced two new challenges in cooperation with the X PRIZE Foundation. ”
XP Cup Expo Report #3 Photos of exhibits and EZ-Rocket getting ready for flight
XP Cup Expo Report #4 “…the wind has gotten very blustery and unfortunately a bigTripoli high power V2 scale model launch was cancelled. ”
XP Cup Expo Report #5 “A double flight success for XCOR and the EZ-Rocket. The other guys had problems.”

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