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Armadillo Aerospace: Rocket takes a tumble

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Mon Oct 10, 2005 12:50 am
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By Alan Boyle: Rocket takes a tumble
Between the E-Z Rocket’s two outings, Armadillo Aerospace conducted a brief but hardly boring launch of a vertical-launch test rocket. The cone-shaped vehicle blasted off with orange flame, then went to a height of about 15 or 20 feet, as planned. But when the craft eased back down for a landing, it tipped off its landing legs, and the rocket tumbled on its side in the dirt.

“Ohhhhh,” the crowd said collectively. Then there was a buzz of laughter and side comments.

“It needs more power,” said 11-year-old Ivan Valdez of El Paso, Texas.

Armadillo’s Carmack said that the craft went off balance because three of its four legs sank into the mud surrounding the intended landing pad. The tumble damaged a pressurized hose on the test vehicle, killing chances for another try on Sunday.

“I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to do the other two flights on that, but at least we got to put something up in the air,” Carmack said. More info on MSNBC.com

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