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Copenhagen Suborbital - Plexi Dome and Updates

Published by Rob Goldsmith on Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:29 pm via: source
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Plexi Dome

Plexi Dome

Marius Madsen posts a couple of updates from Copenhagen Suborbital, MArius told the Space Fellowship that  CS has moved to much bigger locations still in Copenhagen. They are switching fuel from dinitrogenoxide and Epoxy to oxygen and parafine in their hybridengine.

This is because of scaling and weight issues with their previous fuel. They have cast the first test engine with the new fuel and at test can be expected soon.

Time has also been used to experiment with methods to eject the spaceships parachutes. These tests have proved succesful. The first parachute will take the form of a streamer to bring down the initial speed. Later three parechutes will take over for the landing.

Kristian von Bengtson and Peter Madsen also add, last week the long awaited Plexi dome came along from the Netherlands to be placed on top of Tycho Brahe, so passengers can get a good view.

Copenhagen Suborbital

Copenhagen Suborbital

Although I had the basic objectives of the supplier, it was with excitement that I could make my own measurement.

A large pile of files needed to be sent as soon as possible for laser cutting the hatch parts. It appeared that everything matched and the files are now sent out, so I can have the hatch portion produced which the dome must be installed in(with epoxy).

The dome weighs about 10 kg and has a diameter of 580 mm and a minimum thickness of 30 mm and 20 mm at the top. It is also sponsored by Oticon.

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