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STS-127 Flight Day 14 Planned Activities

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Tue Jul 28, 2009 10:18 am
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7:03 GMT (3:03 am EDT) – Endeavour / ISS Crew Wake Up
11:03 GMT (7:03 am EDT) – Rendezvous Tool Checkout
14:23 GMT (10:23 am EDT) – Farewell And Hatch Closure
15:08 GMT (11:08 am EDT) – Centerline Camera Installation / ODS Hatch Leak Check
17:26 GMT (1:26 pm EDT) – Endeavour Undocks From ISS
17:55 GMT (1:55 pm EDT) – Endeavour Flyaround Begins
19:09 GMT (3:09 pm EDT) – Endeavour Final Separation From ISS
23:03 GMT (7:03 pm EDT) – Endeavour Crew Sleep Begins

Wonder if they'll be doing DTO701B today..
It's not very clear when and how the DTO 701B / DragonEye will happen but it seems that today is all about getting ready to leave the ISS.
So it might be possible that they already have tested the DTO 701B / DragonEye.

If anyone got more info on this please share :)
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