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Carmack\'s Throatless Rocket Engine

Published by Robin on Sun Aug 7, 2005 9:11 pm
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Lively discussion on Slashdot about this article Posted by CmdrTaco on Sunday August 07, @10:54AM
from the this-is-just-strange dept.

Baldrson writes “John Carmack is working a potentially disruptive technology: A throatless rocket engine. Its made from plain aluminum pipes with few machined fittings. Carmack says: “The great thing about these engines is that it only takes me two nights to machine the parts, so we can test two engines a week if necessary.” It scales too: “If this line of tube engine development works out, we can make a 5,000 lbf engine with very little more effort than the test engine.” This is what makes disruptive technology development work: Cheap, fast turnaround on on redesign producing technologies that scale. If this works, the NASCAR guys may really start entering space competitions like the X-Cup.”


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