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Hybrids In The News

Published by Robin on Thu Jul 28, 2005 7:02 am
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From Clark Lindsey’s RLV News July 27, 2005 8:55 pm:

News briefs …Orion Propulsion has posted some graphics, including an animation, of the fly-back booster concept that they are proposing to the Air Force for the Hybrid Launch Vehicle Study and Analysis program (formerly ARES Affordable Responsive Spacelift). Here “hybrid” does not refer to hybrid propulsion but to combination reusable first stage and expendable second stage. (I should note that Orion also supported the recent Air Launch LLC/HMX engine tests.)

A new Russian crew vehicle design provides an alternative to the Kliper: Russia to develop a hybrid shuttle – ITAR-TASS – July.27.05. Here they use “hybrid” to mean a “combination of spacecraft of a capsule type (Soyuz) and of a winged one (Buran).”

More about the SS1 at Oshkosh: SpaceShipOne Team Makes Triumphant Arrival at AirVenture – AirVenture – July.27.05. In another report from Oshkosh sent to me by a reader, it was stated that Virgin Galactic has received over 4000 applications for the 75 or so pilots that it will need to fly its fleet of SS2s. An alternative route is to participate in a planned “reality TV show in which contestants would go through a full training program to become commercial space pilots…”

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