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Space Tourism: The Road Ahead

Published by Rob on Thu Jul 21, 2005 10:09 am
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by Nicholas Merrett, Kiama, Australia (SPX) Jul 20, 2005
When will space flight trips into Earth orbit be as safe and routine as flights on commercial planes today? Michel Van Pelt’s ‘Space Tourism’ looks at the technological challenges that still need to be overcome. Principally the development of single-stage reusable space planes, and safe propulsion and guidance systems that are required to provide affordable transport for people wanting an out-of-this-world experience.
‘This book is for those people who dream about circling the Earth every ninety minutes, freely floating in front of a large window, looking down at the blue planet beneath…and having holidays far from Earth’, Van Pelt writes in the preface.

‘Isn’t it strange, he continues ‘that after more than four decades, human space flight is still regarded as something very special? Space remains something only a small elite group of astronauts is allowed to experience’.

Van Pelt asserts that the face of space travel is changing rapidly, pointing to the growing number of private and well-funded organizations that are developing and testing new kinds of space vehicles, and even competing against each another in highly publicized space-flight contests.

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