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SpaceX Falcon 1 RazakSat Launch Successful

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:19 am
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SpaceX achieved a launch success today with orbiting RazakSat, the first satellite successfully launched aboard a Falcon rocket. The satellite was separated from the Falcon 1 about 48 minutes after liftoff at 3:35 GMT (11:35 pm EDT). The orbit is 685 km and 9 degrees inclination.

Read the live coverage.

RazakSat Launch

RazakSat Launch

Launch was delayed several times due to a faulty helium valve on the ground and bad weather at the launch site at Kwajalein.

This was the fifth flight of the Falcon 1 rocket, with the last two flights being succesful. Later this year the inaugural flight of the larger Falcon 9 rocket is planned from Cape Canaveral

The RazakSat satellite was originally named MACSAT (Medium-Sized Aperture Camera Satellite). It was a joint development program between Astronautic Technology (M) Sdn.Bhd. of Malaysia and SaTReCi to develop and validate technologies for a Near Equatorial Orbit remote sensing mini-satellite system to acquire medium high-resolution images.

Congrats to SpaceX! Looking forward to purchasing a Falcon 1e...
That image looks exactly like the one I screened from the livefeed and sent to Space X media comm. If it is, amazing! If it's not, still amazing! Congratulations Space X in an amazing feat today. Your milestones in Spaceflight/rocketry are thrilling to watch. I'm still over excited from the live feed earlier.
Hi nefertari, if you take a look at the url/location of the picture http://spacefellowship.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/spacex00006.JPG you'll see that it's nr 6 of many, we used a screen capture tool (probably same technique than you did). You can change the number in the URL, like http://spacefellowship.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/spacex00007.JPG and so on to see many more pictures.
Oh I figured I wasn't the only one that thought that moment was a perfect image to screen.
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