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LIVE COVERAGE: SpaceX Falcon 1 Flight 5 - RazakSat

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:59 am
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SpaceX achieved a launch success today with orbiting RazakSat, the first satellite successfully launched aboard a Falcon rocket. The satellite was separated from the Falcon 1 about 48 minutes after liftoff at 3:35 GMT (11:35 pm EDT). The orbit is 685 km and 9 degrees inclination.

04:25 GMT (0:25 am EDT): Flight 5 is a success and is now in orbit!

spacex0006504:23 GMT (0:23 am EDT): RazakSat was separated from the Falcon 1.

04:22 GMT (0:22 am EDT): The second stage reignited to circularize the orbit.

03:44 GMT (11:44 pm EDT): SECO, second stage engine cutoff. The Kestrel finished its first burn. The second stage with the attached RazakSat is now in a parking orbit. The second stage engine will be reignited in 38 minutes.

03:44 GMT (11:44 pm EDT): The Falcon is nearing engine shut-down.

03:41 GMT (11:41 pm EDT): The vehicle passed 3 km/s velocity.

03:38 GMT (11:38 pm EDT): The payload fairing has been jettisoned.

03:38 GMT (11:38 pm EDT): The rocket passed 100 km altitude.

03:38 GMT (11:38 pm EDT): The second stage has successfully ignited.

03:37 GMT (11:37 pm EDT): First stage burnout and stage separation.

03:37 GMT (11:37 pm EDT): The rocket switched to inertial guidance mode.

03:36GMT (11:36 pm EDT): The Falcon is now supersonic and passed Max-Q, the maximum dynamic pressure.

spacex0000603:35 GMT (11:35 pm EDT): T-0:00  Launch of SpaceX Falcon 1 Flight 5!

03:34 GMT (11:34 pm EDT): T-1:00 1 minute until lift-off  Weather is green, on internal power, engine is lit about 2.5 secs prior to liftoff. If anything is outside pre-prescribed parameters we shut down before lift off. Range in short red, will go green shortly.

03:30 GMT (11:30 pm EDT): T-5:00  5 minutes until lift-off. Vapor coming up is condensation from Liquid Oxygen vents

03:25 GMT (11:25 pm EDT): T-10:00 and counting. 10 minutes until lift-off. The final automatic sequence has been started. SpaceX has approximately 2 dozen people on the ground at Kwaj to support. Control center has been on console for about 8-10 hours

03:20 GMT (11:20 pm EDT): Weather is projected to be green, T-15:00 and counting.

02:45 GMT (10:45 pm EDT): T-15:00 and holding. Weather forced a delay until 3:35 GMT (11:35 EDT).

02:38 GMT (10:38 pm EDT): T-22:00,  now 22 minutes before estimated launch.


02:30 GMT (10:30 pm EDT): Webcast live, T-30:00,  now 30 minutes before estimated launch.

02:25 GMT (10:25 pm EDT): 5 minutes until estimated launch (if not delayed). Still waiting for SpaceX webcast to come online.

02:15 GMT (10:15 pm EDT): 15 minutes until launch. (Still waiting for SpaceX webcast to come online)

02:10 GMT (10:10 pm EDT): 20 minutes until launch.

02:00 GMT (10:00 pm EDT): T-30:00, 30 minutes remaining on the countdown.

01:30 GMT (9:30 pm EDT): T-1:00:00, 1 hour remaining on the countdown.

00:30 GMT (8:30 pm EDT): T-2:00:00, 2 hours remaining on the countdown.

23:46 GMT (7:46 pm EDT): Weather report for kwajalein indicates winds at 16 miles per hour.

23:40 GMT (7:40 pm EDT): corrected: Estimated T-Zero time will be at 7:30 pm PDT (2:30 GMT) .

22:35 GMT (6:35 pm EDT): Launch is now targeted for 2:00 GMT with the webcast to start at 1:40 GMT.

17:16 GMT (1:16 pm EDT): Webcast will begin at 3:40pm PDT (22:40 GMT).

14:24 GMT (10:24 am EDT): It seems that the two cube sats were removed after a vibration dampener had been installed for RazakSat.

July 13, 2009: The Falcon 1 rocket is ready on the launch pad at Kwajalein for Flight 5. There are three satellites on board. The primary payload is the Malaysian RazakSat satellite. The RazakSat satellite was originally named MACSAT (Medium-Sized Aperture Camera Satellite). It was a joint development program between Astronautic Technology (M) Sdn.Bhd. of Malaysia and SaTReCi to develop and validate technologies for a Near Equatorial Orbit remote sensing mini-satellite system to acquire medium high-resolution images.

Secondary payloads are two cube sats:  InnoSat and CubeSat

The launch window will open at 23:00 GMT (8:00 pm EDT) for 5 hours.

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Are you sure there are 2 cube sats? I've read that they were removed and vibration dampener was installed instead.
Thanks for the info, we have updated the article ;)
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