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weekend warriors

Posted by: SideShowK - Sat Sep 04, 2004 5:27 am
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weekend warriors 
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Spaceflight Enthusiast
Spaceflight Enthusiast
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Post weekend warriors   Posted on: Sat Sep 04, 2004 5:27 am
I personally don't care who wins I just hope someone does win it in my life time. My father once told me a story about his grandfather who was alive for both the first flight and the first space flight. That is F***in' cool.

Here we are in a time where space flight is almost common place. Now it will hopefully be privatized. I think this is the coolest time to be alive....

I hate to use the term weekend warrior. But the people who are involved with the X Prize are the ultimate in just that.

I envy them, and their dreams.



i might not look like i'm doing much, but on a cellular level i'm screaming.

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Launch Director
Launch Director
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Post    Posted on: Sat Sep 04, 2004 11:08 pm
Those X-Prize entrepreneurs are awesome people. I also envy them. They have great dreams, and are working to make them happen. They are GREAT people!!

"I think this is the coolest time to be alive...."

I absolutely agree. I hear people say they wish they would be living in a differrent time period. Some say in the future, some say in the past. When ever someone asks me when I would want to live, my response is "Right now!"

We are living during the most exciting time period right now. We are living during the time when the human race begins to become a space-faring race. Private Industry is moving into space, Nasa is beginning it's possible Moon to Mars vision... I love it!!

One-hundred years from now when space flights are routine, (space flights are far from routine right now even with the space shuttle) it will not be as exciting as it is now.

Right now we are setting up the foundation to become a space-faring race. How awesome is that!!! In one-hundred years in the future, those people will look back at us and know that our generation did something great. Something that I myself will know that I contributed to, because as soon as I am able to, I will contribute to it greatly.

Right now I am only able to right letters to me senators to ask them to support this essential bill to the development of private industry in space: (type in "S. 2772" where is asks your for the bill number)

After I finish getting my education though, I will contribute in much bigger ways than just a letter to a senator.

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