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how to make spacecraft

Posted by: heraklitos - Mon Sep 13, 2010 11:22 am
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how to make spacecraft 
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Post Re: how to make spacecraft   Posted on: Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:54 pm
I would like to present you with my Project Proposal for Open Call - CDA-Projec​ts Grant for Artistic Research and Production, which was rejected.


Episteme Spacecraft by Alphan Vardarlı
Project Proposal for Open Call - CDA-Projec​ts Grant for Artistic Research and Production

I am Alphan Vardarlı a philosopher and artist from İstanbul, Turkey. My project involves the disciplines of biology, mathemathics, statistics and genetics. I would like to build a database containing the images, sounds,electric activities and DNA of a thousand types of life forms living in symbiosis. I would then programme that database to guess the DNA of a 1001th life form by only giving the image, sound and electrical activity. If I could get an accurate enough guess, then I would use the same algorithm to produce an image from my own DNA, body sounds and electrical activity.

So the result of project is a portrait of mine processed soley from my DNA, body sounds and electrical activity which I would like to exhibit next to a recent photo of myself. There are candidates for 1000 types of life forms living in symbiosis, such as the mouth flora which is well documented or the dairy industry; with a grant and an institution involved I hope to contact third parties that contain parts of this data and get it together.

Then there would be the cost of the statistical and possibility calculations, the storage and processing requirements and finally the costs of documenting my DNA, body sounds and electrical activity. I plan to work with people on a voluntary basis and form warm relations for this project.

I have a blog about this idea and a facebook page. ... Spacecraft ... gemisi-nasıl-yapılır/110157509055877

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Post Re: how to make spacecraft   Posted on: Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:16 pm
i like what your saying and i don't see any problem with it, to dumb it down a bit, when i am lying in bed at 6am i can hear the dog next door barking, i am almost sure its not a horse or a cow for some crazy reason i know its a dog. when i hear a dolphin i tend to know its not a chicken and for sight its much the same. now the way i see it you are talking about refining the methods and why would you not be able to find other traits. quartz pulses and its easy to pick up that rate and frequency. it gives us watches and better time keeping. i am no prof but i find what you are talking of easy to understand.
bacteria multiply and would give off sounds and pulses. if you listen with the right equipment and look with the right equipment you will see and hear patterns. my DNA would work in more or less the same way as yours, not exactly the same but close enough to do as you are saying. the same can be said for all life forms from biggest to smallest.
don't listen to the people putting your idea down, every new way of thinking will face people who don't understand willing to try and sound smart by putting it down. i do believe that some of the comments don't come from people doing that, i do believe they are trying to help you. keep up the good work you can do it. :D

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