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Team QI

Posted by: Rob Goldsmith - Sat Oct 10, 2009 1:37 pm
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Team QI 
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Post Team QI   Posted on: Sat Oct 10, 2009 1:37 pm
Blog update from the team, seems they are looking for help if anyone is around Seattle?

Well to be truthful I was really busy with the classes and completely forgot about N-Prize. That said I do have the GPS device Garmin Novi that I will be using to track the balloons while they ascent, the issues currently however is with the price tag of the tanks, they are just too expensive for me to handle currently. So I figure this project will take shape only when I get the money I need in spring 2010 for the tanks needed which will be filled with hydrogen peroxide of course. Well the idea is a rackoon concept and a small microcontroller to separate the rocket ones the balloons reach the appropriate altitude as well as to initiate ignition. Solid rockets of course are better but its just not enough impulse by them and too much weight, so I will have to use a hydrogen peroxide rocket engine.

If anyone from Seattle area would like to help me out anyway possibly, I would be glad to form a team with them =) thanks.

My current supplies:
6 military balloons
1 GPS Garmin Novi
1 PCI microcontroller
(1 hi-techy material...*secret*) =p

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