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Approaches as obstacles to get funds...

Posted by: Ekkehard Augustin - Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:55 pm
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Approaches as obstacles to get funds... 
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Post Approaches as obstacles to get funds...   Posted on: Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:55 pm
According to the article "Challenges Ahead for New Space Investors" ( ) one major obstacle for private space vehicle companies is that
High operations costs remain a major barrier, investors said. That is particularly true at the start when major investment in basic launch or spacecraft development infrastructure is required before returns can be seen.

This seems to imply that launch pads and the like might make it harder to succeed in getting the capital, funds etc..

If that's right then the more proper approaches are those of Burt Rutan and others that don't need launch pads but can apply existing infrastructures like runways, balloon launch areas etc.

What about it?

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Post    Posted on: Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:40 pm
Not necessarily. I think its time to look at extremely (and I do mean extremely) austere launch facilities. Basically a concrete pad, small flame deflector, and a simple (read, an aluminum light pole) LUT. It won't take long for launchers to be too large for balloon and air launches, so why not start practicing now? This is the approach I'm taking for the N-Prize, assemble the launcher, put it in a box, put the box on a trailer, carry out to launch site. Stand box up, add propellants, send it off. The trailer can carry the deflector, in fact, why not add that to the bottom of the launch box. For N-Prize sized launchers, the trailer will be much (much!) heaver than the launcher, so anchoring may well be unnecessary. Just level it. Another trailer can carry the propellants, its not like there will large amounts for this particular launcher.


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