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Most Commercially Feasible Route to Space

Posted by: sanman - Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:34 am
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Most Commercially Feasible Route to Space 
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Post Re: Most Commercially Feasible Route to Space   Posted on: Fri Sep 10, 2010 3:18 pm
sanman wrote:
What is the most commercially feasible route into space?
Is it tourism?
Is it satellite launching?
Is it servicing the ISS?

Whatever makes the most money. If we figure out a way to mine asteroids - then its asteroid mining. If there is a metal alloy found on Mars, someone will figure out how to go get it. If the profit is tempting enough - there are investors willing to get it.

Tourism isn't there yet. Servicing the ISS is a dying and finite thing. Sat launching is probably the best of these options.

sanman wrote:
Space is by nature a high-capital business. And while govt has capital, it also has bureaucracy, lethargy and groupthink.

Is some sort of public-private partnership possible, as a compromise?

Long-term, no. They have completely different goals. Any private company that enters into a partnership with government is swallowed up in government. It can never be the other way around.

sanman wrote:
Is it still possible for the govt to hold up the main tentpole, while the private partners hold up their smaller poles, or pull on other ropes?

You tell me, how's the US space industry doing? Disarray, goalless, leaderless, matched with insufficient funding and a corrupt good-old boys pork laden government bid system = the complete fail you see right now.

sanman wrote:
When will private launch service providers be able to stand on their own two feet? Or will they forever be unsteady, requiring bailouts and other handouts?

If the government realizes they need to and relaxes legislation/laws, and if there is a way to make legitimate, sustained money (see above) - then yes.

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