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Space Pirates! Arghh!

Posted by: beneficii - Mon Feb 14, 2005 12:00 am
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Space Pirates! Arghh! 
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Spaceflight Trainee
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Post Space Pirates! Arghh!   Posted on: Mon Feb 14, 2005 12:00 am
Hmmm, in the early years (first few decades or so) of space flight, when things get going, when orbital facilities are being established, when it costs $20,000 to go to the moon, I wonder what the relationship of the earthbound governments will be to those in space, especially those settling space. I think this will depend on the power distribution at the time. If the United States is still the hegemon on earth, then it will probably try to extend its reach over space. It may or may not be successful. If not, if say a multipolar situation were established on earth by then, then people will probably be more on their own.

This brings us to an interesting discussion, space pirates! This will probably be the precursors to the first wars in space, which are bound to happen. To guard against space pirates, the settlers and other spacefarers will need to arm themselves. I wonder what kinds of military tactics will develop in space and on the moon that would be the most efficient. What would be the weakness of a pirate ship? What would be the weakness of a lunar settlement? These are interesting questions to ponder.

--Rabid Kagura (from Inuyasha) fan

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