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Amazing announcement!

Posted by: DanielW - Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:42 pm
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Amazing announcement! 
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Post Amazing announcement!   Posted on: Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:42 pm
Hello all,

Real Space news has been a bit thin lately and I am going through withdrawl. That was of course until I came across this nugget (in my own head of course)

Secretive Company Announces Test Plans

Today, Red Destinations, a small aerospace company operating out of Notthere, NV, announced that they would begin test flights of their RedElf space craft in late Q1 of 2009. "All systems are fully integrated and the CEU's are charging" Bert Hempstead, CTO of Red Destinations, told a mostly apathetic field of reporters. While the hardware is apparently ready there is still paperwork to be done. "We expect to spend the next few months clearing regulatory hurdles. We have had nothing but encouragement and enthusiasm from the AST, FAA, and MIB."

The RedElf is a vertical takeoff / landing SSTO vehicle powered by 4 Atmospheric Reaction Mass Ion Engines. They draw power from eight massive CEU's or Central Energy Units. Each CEU is a massive spool of flawless carbon nanotube. Bert Hempstead suggests that they are "Really just mammoth capacitors"

The testing phase should take two years during which they will test space assembly techniques. The first commercial flight to the red planet should occur no later than mid 2012.

A question and answer session was postponed indefinitely when reporters discovered that Simon may not be back for next season of American Idol.

This report was supplemented WMTU media

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