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Spin Wave Technology : applicable theory ?

Posted by: Zandbergen - Tue Oct 19, 2004 11:25 pm
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Spin Wave Technology : applicable theory ? 
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Post Spin Wave Technology : applicable theory ?   Posted on: Tue Oct 19, 2004 11:25 pm
Hi folkes

ive come across a site about Spin Wave Technology and it future applications sound very promising ! Almost Sci-Fi to me. I'm no expert in electrodynamica, gravity and subatomic particles but it sounds quite scientific and possible to me.

Possible applications :

1.Signal Processing:

There are two basic forms of motion of all electrically charged particles. Either they can change in position or change in spin axis orientation.

Much of electronics today is based on the first of these two forms of motion.

Signal processing electronics can be advanced by using devices based on the propagation of changing spin axis orientations.

2. Communications:

Almost all forms of radio communication today are based on the radiation of electromagnetic waves from electrically charged particles that move back and forth changing position.

Communications technology can be advanced by using electromagnetic waves radiated from the precessional rotations of electrically charged particles.

Fluctuations can be induced in and propagate through the sea of electromagnetic standing waves among all matter in the universe.

3. Power Generation:

It should be possible to build spin wave lasers and spin wave electrical power generation devices.

It should be possible to absorb some of the energy present in standing waves among all matter and convert it to electricity to power electrical motors and appliances.

This can be accomplished through spin wave interactions with the electromagnetic standing waves among all matter.

4. Propulsion:

It should be possible to create and sustain spin wave processes within a flying vehicle that utilizes a conductive outer hull.

The vehicle would benefit from the shape of a resonant cavity for sustaining spin wave processes within the vehicle, for example, a cigar shape with 2 internal foci or a saucer shape with a circular internal focal area.

The spin wave processes within the vehicle can be used to shift the phase of the precessional motions of all atomic particles of the vehicle and its contents relative to the phase of standing waves radiated to and from the precessional motions of all external matter.

This can create electromagnetic forces between the vehicle and the standing waves among all external matter. This is a manipulation of the electromagnetic interactions among matter that are responsible for matter's characteristic of inertia.

Electromagnetic force vectors can be controlled to lift and propel the vehicle at very high speeds. This could be considered electro-inertial, electro-gravity or antigravity propulsion.

Well, check out the site ! I hope to hear opinion of better educated :roll: people if this theorie has any value.

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Post    Posted on: Wed Oct 20, 2004 3:33 pm
Yes, this is how my flying saucer is propelled, In fact, all but one of the flying saucers living on my street use this method. The one that does not uses warp drive, which as you know, "works" by the "principle" of bubbles in the froth of the quantum vacuum vortex.

Listen, there is a property of electrons, and I think all leptons, called spin. Beyond that, the article is gibberish. The author cites an obscure property of a subatomic particle, and then arbitrarily claims many magical powers can be drived from it. Read about electron spin in any introductory atomic, quantum, or particle physics book. It has been known about, understood, and characterized since the 1925 when Mssrs Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck figured out that Zeeman splittings of atomic energy levels (a quite small effect) imply that electrons carry quantized intrinsic angular momentum. Checkitout... /jd

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