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Technology and space exploration in christian perspective

Posted by: Zandbergen - Tue Oct 19, 2004 9:57 pm
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Technology and space exploration in christian perspective 
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Post Technology and space exploration in christian perspective   Posted on: Tue Oct 19, 2004 9:57 pm
Purpose of this article.
This view is not meant to start a discussion about the existence of God or evolution or creationism. Its written based on some assumptions most people will not endorse. For Christian readers it will give something to think about, for others – well, lets say, consider this just a exotic contribution.
For people desiring to debate their Darwinist or creationist assumptions, there are a lot other forums online to travel to...

Assumptions in this article
1. God exists as a autonomous being, responsible for
creating all natural and supernatural matters.
2. Mankind didn’t evolve from scratch but was created, adapted with skills still present today.
3. God is involved in human (and galactic) affairs and has a
policy and purpose with mankind.
4. The tragic corruption of human will and soul, inflicting serious problems to the state of mankind.
5. The biblical perspective, speaking of the end of times and the start for a new created reality will be taken into account.

Development of technology
God never wanted humans to stay into caves, deprived of all kind of intelligent development. On the contrary: He gave mankind the wisdom to discover, to investigate all things that can be studied and manipulated. Exemplars are the discovery of the wheel, medicine, agriculture etc. The gift to reach for the stars!
Unfortunately, mankind often takes no responsibility in the proper use of technology. The arm race, suppression by any means, pollution etc.
Technology in itself is not wrong, it’s the way its been applied by mankind. We have large responsibilities.
However, technology is not only meant as a way to increasing productivity, efficiency, welfare or civilization.
It’s a celebration of the awesome greatness of the creation and a praise to its Creator. It wasn’t meant to make us independent, it was meant to remind us of its origin, God. Devine gifts for the joy of the world and reminder of the royal position granted to mankind, as caretaker over Earth and all natural things of this universe.
Bottom line: its not wrong to look for technological advancement – it’s a divine command to develop ourselves. However, it will have its value for limited time – for this universe and this era.
Therefore, technology must not be regarded as our salvation, for something’s out there, our Redeemer.
But until the new era, we have the obligation to develop technology for the good of all, and as a way of expression of mankind’s great achievements, possible by the gifts of God. But also with caution and humbleness, for our record of abuse of technology is grave and history shows continuation of abuse is more then likely.

Reaching for the stars

When Copernicus watched to the stars, he viewed the beauty of the galaxy, the vastness of space and creation. Our star is just a dot in the universe, our planet a sand grain of the beach.
Exploration of space is the ultimate challenge, and we can already assume mankind is gifted to walk among the stars.
There’s no reason to assume we have reached the boundary of our potential – we are gifted for growing in wisdom and capabilities, despite all loss of efficiency by our corrupted souls and ethics.
How long will this era exists? Christians and others are speculating but it can range from one year to a millennia.
Well, we have to continue in the time left, and what can we discover and develop in the coming centuries? It’s not excluded we will warp from one star to another, unveiling new treasures of the creation.
Space technology already contributed to the good of mankind: satellites to watch the weather, environment and resources, communication and much more…
So people condemning space flight as waste of money and resources loose this argument. Space flight has its benefits for the welfare of mankind. Even if mankind hadn’t lost its moral purity, spaceflight would have been developed – though much earlier, launched from a world living in harmony, prosperity and worship, possible with technology and resources we can only dream about, with money to burn…
There are good arguments against space flight. Not as concept but regarding the way its being executed. Its legitimate to conclude its not always conducted with honourable motives and greed, political over ambition and unwarranted use of resources are chronic realities to take into account. Mankind sent probes into the galaxy, while children are starving in Africa. Through centuries of technological developments, we see it rarely applied for the benefit of all. But when we take responsibility of our planet, we don’t have to forget the stars.
And when you want to cut space program funding for the benefit of Africa – how about the military? I consider over armed countries a greater financial problem then spaceflight.

How about exploiting the wealth of space? Well, some mining can’t hurt us, and space can be a good place for research such as treatment of diseases.
But besides that, we are also allowed to explore space just for fun, the glory of adventure.
I also think its possible we found outposts in our system and even beyond, if technology makes its possible.
However, I believe we are made for Earth , its not just a cradle we have to leave – it was created as our home, a place well suited for our needs. Earth is unique in countless ways and our physiology is designed to thrive in earth-like conditions.
Yes, I don’t mind the possibility of terraformed worlds. However, in the end mankind’s place is at earth. But colonizing other worlds will not be our salvation. We might be able to escape the velocity of light , we cant escape our own corrupted way of life.
For in the end, the only world that will be terraformed is earth, and our minds and hearts will be terraformed as well. All things will come to an end, when the new era will start.

The new era
Few is known and much is to discover in this eternal place where time has few meaning and less might. Even without war, tension and dead, the new mind of mankind, reformed to its original glory and beyond, will have an eternal adventure of exploring this new realm to boldly go, where no man has gone before...

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