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Posted by: Codex Imaginata - Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:57 am
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Spaceflight Enthusiast
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Post Re: Theoretically   Posted on: Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:33 pm
you would need to travel faster than light to escape, you can think up a million ideas but as mentioned by a few already without the tech to build or create the black hole its easy to say it can work but will probably never be proven or dismissed as poop. a good idea but just that an idea. i was thinking of something close to your idea but the same thing could be said. cant prove anything. i was thinking that if you take a high density gas or liquid matter and place a craft inside that matter then create a millisecond of vacuum in-front of the craft what would happen. to use a silly example. get a bowl of custard and place something on one side then use a spoon and remove some of the custard from beside the something and the something with custard will rush to fill the space left empty by the spoon. many have looked at this idea but proved nothing.the way i see it working is to make a 500km long tube in space fill it with something like heavy gas and then put a craft in and somehow have a setup where the gas could be removed from in front of the craft in a millisecond, do this enough times and you would get faster and faster, how fast is unknown, i would say you would need a much longer tube but i was only pointing out the idea. maybe it would work or maybe its poop.

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