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Doubts If ATO will be working

Posted by: Ekkehard Augustin - Sun Sep 04, 2005 11:37 am
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Doubts If ATO will be working 
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Post    Posted on: Sun Jan 22, 2006 7:40 pm
I just started taking a class on spreadsheets, and I decided I would do my practice/homework by starting a sheet to analyze the possibility of flying an airship to orbit. I've got a thing set up so that I can show the amount of centrifugal force the airship would get given the speed and altitude. Now, I have found a model of the atmosphere (though probably not accurate) which I am using to get temp, pressure and density. ... osmet.html Next I'm going to need to get some estimates about the ship's shape, mass, volume, and thrust in order to calculate the top speed, maximum lift, and bouyancy. Anyone good at estimating things?

Edit: Ok, I found the approximate dimensions online, and the density, and the ship mass comes to about 70 metric tons. The shape of the arms appear to be elliptical, rather than round. Now, all I need to do is figure out a way to calculate the ship's max speed and max aerodynamic lift at each altitude, and I should be set!

I told you guys I thought we'd discussed this topic all to peices; and it looks like I've been vindicated! Prove me wrong!

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