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SpaceShot 9/10 Weather Column

Posted by: dinkin - Mon Sep 11, 2006 2:52 pm
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SpaceShot 9/10 Weather Column 
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Post SpaceShot 9/10 Weather Column   Posted on: Mon Sep 11, 2006 2:52 pm
crux42 and Peking Paul played $1,800 in plays for 14 matchups through level 6 on 9/10. The level 6 matchup is as follows:

Peking Paul: 67.75 53.75 0.0025 44.75
crux42: . . . . 68.75 55.75 0.0175 50.75

This match will be decided on high temperature with 68 and lower going to Peking Paul and 69 and higher going to crux42.

As of 10:45 Eastern Time, AccuWeather says it will be 69
Custom Weather says 68 so we'll have a close one today with one prediction source favoring each player.

If crux42 wins at level 6, we can have a level 7 battle tomorrow, a level 8 battle with ARothfolk two days later and a level 9 battle with crux42 two days after that. Level 10 is the round of 256 players. One of those players will win a $200-$250k trip to space and $100k cash.

The weather game is played at For $3.50, make predictions by 11:59 PM for tomorrow's weather for Central Park, New York City. High temperature decides with low, precipitation and humidity as tie breaks. Open to players 18 and over. The tournament has 17 levels and at each level, you play against someone just like you head to head. One $3.50 fee is all that is paid for the entire tournament.

Sam Dinkin is CEO of SpaceShot, Inc. and can be reached at 888-434-6546 and

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