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Weather Game 9/12: The Game is High Low

Posted by: dinkin - Tue Sep 12, 2006 1:13 pm
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Weather Game 9/12: The Game is High Low 
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Post Weather Game 9/12: The Game is High Low   Posted on: Tue Sep 12, 2006 1:13 pm
crux42 won yesterday against Peking Paul when the high temperature reached 70 degrees. This win will give crux42, a graduate student in migration studies, a chance to knock out one of Peking Paul's level 7 plays and the winner of that match to compete with ARothfolk at level 8, who recently graduated with a graduate engineering degree and is figuring out ways to find more supplies of energy. Peking Paul is starting grad school in the US.

At level 9, crux42 leads the tournament, but perhaps not in four days.

While waiting for the big plays to resolve yesterday, Peking Paul was matched with wxbrief who was a level 8 runner up and Atari_Guy the highest levels both at level 4.

PLAYER . . . . HIGH. LOW. PRECIP HUMIDITY For 9/12 Central Park
Peking Paul: 70.25 53.75 0.0025 48.25
Atari_Guy: .. 69.25 54.75 0.0025 52.25
wxbrief: .. . . 70.25 52.75 0.0025 48.25

The match with Atari_Guy will be decided on high temperature and with wxbrief on low temperature. Peking Paul wins if high is 70 or higher and again if low is 54 or higher. As of 9:00 Eastern Time, 9/12, AccuWeather says a high of 70 and a low of 51 early this morning. Custom Weather is predicting 71 and 54 which seems odd when AccuWeather says that it was already 51 today. Both weather services are predicting Peking Paul will have one expected win against Atari_Guy and a loss against wxbrief.

The weather game is played at For $3.50, make predictions by 11:59 PM for tomorrow's weather for Central Park, New York City. The grand prize has a retail value of $350,000; a trip to space selling for $250,000 and $100,000 in cash. High temperature decides with low, precipitation and humidity as tie breaks. Open to players 18 and over. The tournament has 17 levels and at each level, you play against someone just like you head to head for 131,000 entries per tournament. One $3.50 fee is all that is paid for the entire tournament.

Sam Dinkin is CEO of SpaceShot, Inc. and can be reached at 888-434-6546 and

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