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looking for a group to help out in the upcoming year

Posted by: TerraMrs - Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:24 am
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looking for a group to help out in the upcoming year 
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Post looking for a group to help out in the upcoming year   Posted on: Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:24 am
yep, i've finally decided i should be doing something with other than writing on these forums. though i have a limited amount of time and very little ability to travel, i'd like to be able to help out with software, electronics, or physics for someone. i'll still be in school this spring and in the fall, and in the summer i'll be working for SS/L again, so i'm not looking for an actual job yet, but if you need help with your code, crunching numbers, debugging, or doing some HDL design i would be more than happy to do what i can. specifically, i can do java, matlab and c with some degree of fluency, a limited subset of verilog (mostly just combinatorial), and of course physics. at SS/L i worked a lot with telemetry and know the CCSDS stuff pretty well (though i imagine no one on here is actually doing that), as well as error correction/detection techniques (R-S, CRC, and Convolutional codes specifically). n-prize teams, this would probably mean helping with your nanosat designs. i'm not aware of any groups in upstate new york (near ithaca specifically) or the bay area in california, but if you're there i could provide a physical presence too. specific assignments are preferred to a generic "helping out", though i don't really expect anyone to come up with something immediately. also, i will have to do a final project for my micro-controllers class this semester and it would be very cool for it to be a space-related application. this would give me access to a lab and more sophisticated tools, as well as more time.

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