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What's causing your interest for spaceflight and space?

Posted by: Ekkehard Augustin - Sun Feb 18, 2007 8:23 am
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What's causing your interest for spaceflight and space? 
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Post What's causing your interest for spaceflight and space?   Posted on: Sun Feb 18, 2007 8:23 am
Besides the points I already talk about in other threads in my case it is the adventure and fascination of crossing the empty and vast distances between planets and celestial bodies before the dark background of space with a bright sun at one location.

Of course there are other or alternative causes also.

The vehicle is small merely - in particlar in comparison to the distances.

It is similar to crossing the ocean - the Atlantic Ocean having in mind now but of course I am thinking of the Pacific Ocean also which is more similar to space than the Atlantic Ocean regrading distances, emptiness and vastness.

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Post    Posted on: Sun Feb 18, 2007 9:17 am
Mmm, tough question to answer. I would say that as a child there are (or at least in my case, were) just a few things you wanted to be when you would (ever) grow up: A racing driver, Astronaut or an entrepreneur.

If you grow a little bit older and wiser you know that trying to be a racing driver simply costs to much money. An astronaut would be nice, but todays (let's say 8 years ago) space travel isn't going very well. That leaves you to be an entrepreneur. It's a tough job, but at least it's realistics to do right now. But it's hard work.

What me got interested in spacetravel in a real sence was the x-prize. I have absolutely no idea how i got here or even how i got to know the x-prize. Probably through which i check daily for news. Around that time i had enough of the IT market (which wasn't going any well) and ended up at a piss-off job. When i got my senses back i started to evaluate my options. I started to talk to people who went to the only aerospace engineering study in my country and from one thing came another. Unfortunately, i was a bit too hasty with my descision and it didn't really work out that time. Stayed at that piss-off job and went to evening school to study business economics. But it kept bugging me that i wasn't going in the direction i wanted it to go. So i started to evaluate my options again and after a little more consideration i quit my piss-off job and applied to day-school again besides doing business economics. I knew that going to the university directly cost me way to much money and i was out of the classes for a long time so i probably couldn't make the level of commitment to make it. So i decided to go to a 'local' school to get a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. The first year is halfway done and i'm practicly the only guy who hasn't failed something. In 3 years, if it keeps going smooth as it is now, i might go to the Delft University to get a master degree in aerospace engineering.

Since i ain't stupid no more, i also intend to start a small business whith a friend of mine to hopefully earn some money along the road.

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