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Some General Space Links

Posted by: publiusr - Thu Feb 09, 2006 8:08 pm
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Some General Space Links 
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Space Station Commander
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Post Some General Space Links   Posted on: Thu Feb 09, 2006 8:08 pm
Here is a list of some nice links--some you may already have.

Sea Dragon and sons

HLLV lists ... sc&start=0

SDLV (HLLV) based space stations: ... o=0&fpart=

Saturn V and Mercury info:

In December 1958 Douglas Aircraft submitted a proposal- or better yet
a "Design Feasibility Report (N78-72536)" for using a Thor booster for
NASA manned Mercury capsule.
Go here: ... 072545.pdf

or here: and look
under Thor.

It's an intresting concept likely designed to go up against the
Redstone booster. Rather than the acorne capsule that is shown in the
drawing mine will have a Little Joe style capsule. It's going to kick
off my "Coolest rockets that NEVER flew" line of flying model rockets.
Find 'em at

Launcher shortage: ... s_ESA.html ... a_Yet.html



Buran stuff

Aries TSTO concept ... 18&start=1

India's TSTO

Other spaceplane--New Kliper info: ... 0&fpart=10


Private Spaceplanes: ... o=0&fpart= ... o=0&fpart=

Canadian Arrow:

Darpa Falcon ... alcon.html

A different Falcon: Musk Q and A

Falcon Delay ... delay.html



Return To The Moon ... eturn.html

CEV info: ... &start=271 ... 07&posts=1
More CEV ... o=0&fpart=

Dr. Stan's report: ... 58&start=1

NTR vs. NEP ... 39&start=1

NASA's Exploration Systems Architecture Study (ESAS) Final Report is
available for download at:
50 MB of PDF's with lots of good info.



New Horizons info ... 1&posts=13

Methane rant: ... 60130.html
Aluminum for Rocket fuel ... 0246.shtml

Spaceship design for fun: ... o=0&fpart=

Heat Shield tech: ... o=0&fpart=

Heat Shield? ... rials.html

Self healing tech: ... yself.html ... _sats.html


Energy Weapons ... apons.html

Space Rails:

New Airship caught on film: ... 0606p2.xml

Asteroid Hunt: ... tarrs.html
Asteroid mining
Running out of metal. ... etals.html

Nano-cells ... Cells.html

New source for Egg cells ... story.html

Faster computing ... uters.html

nano-chips ... Chips.html

Nano-prototyping? ... tures.html

Solar nanomotor ... motor.html

2D superconducting ... ivity.html



Slinky in Space, Line dancing Andromeda, and Space Tornadoes ... linky.html ... plane.html ... rnado.html

Pulsar trails ... -05zm.html
Dark Warp ... y_Way.html
Big Tunnel ... unnel.html

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