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Good opportunities to do private martian reserach

Posted by: Ekkehard Augustin - Sat Feb 26, 2005 11:58 am
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Good opportunities to do private martian reserach 
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Post Good opportunities to do private martian reserach   Posted on: Sat Feb 26, 2005 11:58 am
There is a known private Mars mission on schedule this decade - the ARCHIMEDES mission together with AMSAT's Mars probe that can be equipped with scientific instruments by universities, scientists and others.

There has been detected a sea now which seems to be filled by ice.

The MARSIS antenna of the Mars Express cannot research that sea because it is looking deeper into the ground and can detect layers only that ar 300 meters thick at least.

The ARCHIMEDES ballon now will be much closer to the martian surface and it will move much slower. This seems to be th best possibility and opportunity to look for more seas now. I will post a question at the forum under www.marssociety,de but I fear the quipment of ARCHIMEDES is determinde already and probably won't be changed or modified.

But AMSAT's probe which will act as the relay station for ARCHIMEDES may be an opportunity to install instruments by which seas like the recently detected one could be searched for.

Do you know scientists, universities or other people interested in this?

There may be the possibility to do additionaly private missions like ARCHIMEDES and AMSAT's probe.

Why not use this for private or small missions to look for seas?

Let's talk about it here except technological or financial aspects.

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