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Chat Transcript from June 21, 2004 while SS1 made history

Posted by: kc7rad - Tue Jun 22, 2004 2:38 am
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Chat Transcript from June 21, 2004 while SS1 made history 
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Post Chat Transcript from June 21, 2004 while SS1 made history   Posted on: Tue Jun 22, 2004 2:38 am
OK, here is the chat transcript of June 21, 2004 while Space Ship One made history. I home this isn't too long!

jasohill ===> hey hey
roel ===> am I a the right place?
jasohill ===> man, this is exciting
roel ===> hey!
FuriousBro ===> lo
jasohill ===> I love these mass chat sessions
roel ===> they were showing the take off just at the bbcworld news
kc7rad ===> Hi All... hope this chat program doesn't stink too badly. It is just a quick & dirty one.
jasohill ===> I'm watching this from Japan...^_^
Sigurd ===> hey
jasohill ===> Msmbc still doesn't work for me
kc7rad ===> BBC coverage seems pretty good.
jasohill ===> but bbs is
Pheonix ===> yeah
jasohill ===> er bbc
Pheonix ===> funkay muzac
Ross ===> I'm at work, without a tv or realplayer
roel ===> mbc is only watching the crowd
roel ===> but I thought there would be more people around
FuriousBro ===> BBC seems to have lost sight now
Pheonix ===> msnbc can go die in multiple holes
jasohill ===> hmm. rotaryrocket? Were they an xprize team?
roel ===> 10:19:52 [FuriousBro] BBC seems to have lost sight now-> only means launch is nearing
Pheonix ===> they became xcor
roel ===> rotaryrocket? no a money pit
jasohill ===> yes...^_^
kc7rad ===> BBC was showing SS1 with a zoom-scope or telescope. Yup, gone now from BBC sites.
Carn ===> hi
Carn ===> yeeepeee
kc7rad ===> What's a rotaryrocket?
Pheonix ===> helicopter with rocket engines
sarag ===> BBC audio stream seems same as CNN stream, but video different
roel ===> a concept from a couple of years ago which burnt a 50million of dollars and went bankrupt
Carn ===> i have a grey screen on bbc ...
Pheonix ===> is anyone else's bbc stream jamming?
roel ===> audio stream also the same on mbc
sarag ===> bbc video is sky shot,
Sigurd ===> yeps bbc is showing a beautifull gray sky lol
Electrolyt ===> are they still climbing altitude?
Carn ===> lol ;-)
Pheonix ===> i'd imagine
FuriousBro ===> Will we know any more on the progress now that it's out of visual range?
Carn ===> that 's a great moment
sarag ===> jumping back to CNN, (can't watch both real Sreams at same time
roel ===> i guess you'll see the exhaust flame when they're launching
Pheonix ===> yeah
jasohill ===> god my heart is pounding
kc7rad ===> I still can't get CNN.
Sigurd ===> lol it would be abnormal if it stops pounding
Electrolyt ===> i sure hope all these streams are getting saved somewhere so I can download them later
roel ===> scaled will probaly put some nice things up; wouldn't they?
jasohill ===> True that
Carn ===> sky turn to grey in 2 secondes ! :-)
kc7rad ===> BBC audio just went crappy...
roel ===> mbc audio is also gone
Pheonix ===> blarh
FuriousBro ===> BBC Audio is fine for me
kc7rad ===> Final leg before they turn inbound... Guess I had better get my morning smoke in now, eh? :-)
sarag ===> I'm sticking with CNN stream as long as it holds up
sarag ===> get those pee braks in now folks!
roel ===> anyone seen the armadillo movie of midweek; pretty cool huh?
EricFleet ===> Ever hear of the "Stadium Buddy"?
kc7rad ===> hehehe... I carried one when I used to fly!
EricFleet ===> Break it out now
jasohill ===> I can see the jet stream of the white knight I think
roel ===> correct
jasohill ===> Yep, there it is
jasohill ===> Soon
roel ===> launch isn't far away isn't it
Carn ===> yea last armadillo aerospace movie is impressive
sarag ===> alright we're getting live radio transmissions from pilots too
kc7rad ===> BBC is zooming in and can just barely make out white knight
Carn ===> ARG
roel ===> some audio coming thru now....
Carn ===> the sound is crappy
Pheonix ===> can't make it out at all
FuriousBro ===> my ears! ouch
jasohill ===> Sounds like launch is about to happen here
roel ===> looking forward to the discovery docu...
Carn ===> Same here lol
Diadem ===> What's up, all?
owen ===> there is audio on the bbc feed but it is just too low
roel ===> bbc stream is fine here
sarag ===> still prefer CNN stream
jasohill ===> Not so good here in Japan
EricFleet ===> I am getting some cheesy 80's music on MSNBC
Carn ===> lol
sarag ===> BBC stream ok, but MSNBC sucks
roel ===> i guess they're broadcasting whatever is on the loudspeakers over there
EricFleet ===> "sucks" is too kind
Pheonix ===> gah!! die real player!!
roel ===> msnbc only has webcam or so
Carn ===> the event is followed by many people there ? i dont have see any crowd on bbc
EricFleet ===> Yea, I hate real also.
Diadem ===> i can only see the sky with the bbc stream, so im usin the msnbc stream
EricFleet ===> Can, several thousand it looks like.
Electrolyt ===> i finally finished downloading realplayer, don't tell me it sucks now,
jasohill ===> OUCH
Carn ===> lol
EricFleet ===> It is a good player, but at one point it loaded spyware on your computer.
sarag ===> i'm using realplayer with CNN stream, all is fine
Pheonix ===> yeah...*cleans ears*
Carn ===> my ears ...
roel ===> what's cnn showing?
FuriousBro ===> arghh
roel ===> bbc is out
Carn ===> BEEEP
Pheonix ===> GAHHH!!!!!!!!!!
jasohill ===> The hell/
owen ===> ugh... lost bbc
sarag ===> whiteknight contrail
FuriousBro ===> bbc has died
Carn ===> !!!
dUm ===> bbc web feed just died
jasohill ===> There is no god
roel ===> nice beep from bbc huh?
kc7rad ===> what the...
Sigurd ===> nope will be right back (changing stuff)
Diadem ===> lol
sarag ===> CNN stream still good
kc7rad ===> NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!
Diadem ===> dont u have to pay for the cnn stream?
jasohill ===> What's going on!!
roel ===> we have come to take over your live stream....take me to your leader
EricFleet ===> MSNBC stream is still up (still sucks too)
Carn ===> i have a black screen now
FuriousBro ===> cnn is subscription, stop teasing us
Sigurd ===> just wait
Diadem ===> hey, sigurd
FuriousBro ===> back
Sigurd ===> voila bbc is back
roel ===> back on
kc7rad ===> Attent all planets of the Solar Federation, we have assumed control...
kc7rad ===> :-)
sarag ===> wasn't xprize site supposed to offer a stream also ?
roel ===> [kc7rad]-> lol
Sigurd ===> only from the official xprize attempts
kc7rad ===> OK, back now but low audio.
sarag ===> maybe just for official xprize flight
Pheonix ===> yeah, they ripped me off
EricFleet ===> Probably only for the official launch
Pheonix ===> oh i c
jasohill1 ===> Wow, now I'm two people
jasohill1 ===> 47 000 feet
roel ===> are thecy counting down?
sarag ===> imagine Melville's thought's at this point.
jasohill1 ===> Doh
jasohill1 ===> 33 000
jasohill1 ===> Orry
FuriousBro ===> 12 minutes
Sigurd ===> xprize forum seems down (database error)
sarag ===> "To flip the switch or not to flip the switch?!"
Electrolyt ===> okay, i'm looking at the bbc stream, all i'm seeing is grey
roel ===> hope they buy a camera with extra extra zoom for the x-price flight
FuriousBro ===> Sigurd: Forum has been doing that for last day, must be due to too much traffic. Usually comes back after a few refreshes
Sigurd ===> yeah I know...
sarag ===> Did anybody else notice the 90 degree left barrel-roll and recovery during last flight's thrust phase? What happened there?
Carn ===> > xprize forum seems down ---> reload/retry to connect still it works
roel ===> computer went out
Sigurd ===> well, about the website.. all will be fixed when the new xprize website comes online
roel ===> and pilot has to adjust visualy
Diadem ===> the bbc guys lose the planes alot, so u see the sky (wich looks kinda grey)
Pheonix ===> now we've got a lovely view of the runway
roel ===> planes are out of range right now I guess
EricFleet ===> Its gotta be hard to track so far up
Diadem ===> lol
Diadem ===> too true
kc7rad ===> wierd... I have never seen that b4 with phpBB under heavy loads...
Diadem ===> sabotage!
EricFleet ===> I think he just ordered a pizza.
Sigurd ===> it's the database server.. not the phpbb
EricFleet ===> Hate to see the delivery charge...
FuriousBro ===> kc7: Database must have a low connection limit
jasohill1 ===> What the hell is the BBC dude taking of pic of?
Pheonix ===> who knows
jasohill1 ===> And all that transmitting... the heck?
Carn ===> lol
Pheonix ===> crowds maybe?
roel ===> all cameraman had some party last night I guess msnbc sucks big time
Carn ===> i dont undersantd the meaning of the pict on bbc
Pheonix ===> yeah
jasohill1 ===> About 6-7 minutes now
Diadem ===> sounds like someone is transmitting um, looks like a fence and a lightpost
Pheonix ===> well, there's a fence with razor wire top
roel ===> terrorists?
Carn ===> HAHA
Diadem ===> woo! altimeter 29.87!
Pheonix ===> marshmallow terrorists
Electrolyt ===> maybe they got their feeds mixed up?
jasohill1 ===> yeah, go Alitimeter
kc7rad ===> is the BBC pic supposed to be crowd? howmany people are there?
jasohill1 ===> 8 minutes
Diadem ===> im watching the msnbc and bbc streams
roel ===> 8 mins from launch!
FuriousBro ===> it's not a crowd it's a plane parking area
Pheonix ===> 8 minutes
luke.r ===> BBC website says 3000
kc7rad ===> BBC said just 8 minutes out now
sarag ===> Let's hope the landing gear holds up on landing unlike the mach 1 flight, that would be embarassing, but then who'd care then
Carn ===> no it s some planes lol
jasohill1 ===> wow they've got 747's there
Pheonix ===> yeah
kc7rad ===> Furious... TNX. I just hate the quality of RealVideo
roel ===> would be fun sending those to 300.000ft
Pheonix ===> big boyz
roel ===> spaceship clear to land!
Diadem ===> woo!!
jasohill1 ===> wheee
jasohill1 ===> clear to land!!!
roel ===> go for light
jasohill1 ===> go for light
luke.r ===> Keep it coming, I'm blind here!
kc7rad ===> go for light!
sarag ===> sweaty palms here!
Diadem ===> oh boy oh boy
Pheonix ===> light that candle
Diadem ===> msnbc is still just staring at the crowd...
kc7rad ===> I haven't had goosebumps like this since my first wedding!
kc7rad ===> :-)
FuriousBro ===> bbc are looking up, hurray
Diadem ===> lez do it!
Diadem ===> aww
Electrolyt ===> wow, that cameraman must be having a bad day
sarag ===> CNN showing crowd starting to all stand up for better view
kc7rad ===> I am suprised that they only have one camera.
roel ===> 5 mins
Sigurd ===> bbc is fighting with the sun to get it on screen lol
FuriousBro ===> 5 mins
jasohill1 ===> 5 minutes...^_^
luke.r ===> Yeah, that will help!
kc7rad ===> Scanning the sky... cameraman can't seem to find it.
Diadem ===> ooo radio chatter
roel ===> just below the sun...
Sigurd ===> the sun is blocking the view
FuriousBro ===> heh poor cameraman, trying to avoid the sun
Pheonix ===> blarh
kc7rad ===> BBC is searching for it.
Diadem ===> stupid sun, who needs it anyway?
EricFleet ===> Stupid sun... someone turn it off!
roel ===> would branson make his statement today or later this week?
roel ===> talking about exciting stuff
EricFleet ===> Update from MSNBC. Man in eighth row picking a wedgie. Stay tuned for more up-to-the-minute updates.
Diadem ===> lol
Carn ===> time is running out !
jasohill1 ===> here we go folks. see you all on the other side. I'm watching the video from now on
Electrolyt ===> you'd think the crew could put a device on the ship to autotrack it..
Diadem ===> msnbc isnt even trying to look for it
roel ===> cameraman on strike
sarag ===> neither is CNN right now
clavis ===> has SS1 fired yet?
roel ===> isn't filming till he gets his payraise
kc7rad ===> THERE!
FuriousBro ===> 30 secs, bbc have it in view
Diadem ===> BBC has it
Sigurd ===> yeehaaa
sarag ===> CNN: just zoomed in near SUn
roel ===> check
Electrolyt ===> !!!
Carn ===> what s the zoom factor on bbc to your mind ?
Pheonix ===> ere we go
Diadem ===> must...breathe
FuriousBro ===> it's off!
Diadem ===> noooooooooo
sarag ===> CNN has it
kc7rad ===> cheering in background
Carn ===> FIRE
roel ===> mbc is coming to life
roel ===> something happening
Diadem ===> weeeee
FuriousBro ===> up up and away
Electrolyt ===> whoa
Carn ===> FIIIIIre
kc7rad ===> damn, that's fast!
Pheonix ===> yeeeee
Carn ===> go on go on
Diadem ===> its goin!
roel ===> you can't see the flame thoudgh
roel ===> and mbc looking to the crowd
Diadem ===> lol i can see that
sarag ===> CNN zoomed right in
leif ===> hello all wheres the free stream?
Carn ===> lol mbc suck lol :-)
roel ===> burn out?
Pheonix ===> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
EricFleet ===> Any idea of the altitude?
kc7rad ===> BBC can barely see the contrail now
Diadem ===> hurry they already launched man!
Carn ===> apprently no major issu during the ascent
sarag ===> just saw Sun gleam off SS! ahead of rocket plume
Diadem ===> all the people on msnbc are like "why cant we see it? its only in space!"
Electrolyt ===> haha
FuriousBro ===> all ok!
kc7rad ===> "Everything is going good!"
jasohill1 ===> everything is okay!!
Diadem ===> woooo
jasohill1 ===> I wonder if he made it to space
Carn ===> Yeeeeepeee
FuriousBro ===> 270,000ft
Pheonix ===> 270k
kc7rad ===> 270,000 feet and climbing...
jasohill1 ===> still climbing
Diadem ===> lol! msn thinks the sound is off?
kc7rad ===> 316,000 now
jasohill1 ===> christ!!
FuriousBro ===> wow that's quick
Diadem ===> 316,000!
EricFleet ===> Hope he doesn't talk about his hemmroids or somethink like that.
Diadem ===> lol
EricFleet ===> Where do you get the altitude updates?
jasohill1 ===> 5g???
sarag ===> CNN showing WK contrail now
Pheonix ===> 5g's
luke.r ===> That is a mad climb rate!
leif ===> here
kc7rad ===> they were just announcing them on BBC
Diadem ===> msnbc u can here the announcer
Electrolyt ===> this is soo cool
FuriousBro ===> on his way down!
Pheonix ===> 72K
Diadem ===> yes!
kc7rad ===> Wasn't that too fast?
Diadem ===> i cant wait to see the footage from ss1
jasohill1 ===> I'd think so
clavis ===> what was maximum altitude?
Diadem ===> hmmm
kc7rad ===> Still waiting for appogee altitude...
Carn ===> 103 km
leif ===> woohoo
EricFleet ===> Woo hoo!
Sigurd ===> yeehaaaa
FuriousBro ===> WHOOP
jasohill1 ===> YES!!!
Carn ===> erh no previous max apogee was 64 km i think
Pheonix ===> w00t
kc7rad ===> what just landed?
tarkus ===> ypieeee
Diadem ===> do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!
FuriousBro ===> 40k now
leif ===> 40000
Diadem ===> or, up?
Diadem ===> bbc has the white knight
Carn ===> where do you how high it is
kc7rad ===> There's White Knight...
Electrolyt ===> heyyy, there's a good shot
FuriousBro ===> bbc feed
Diadem ===> they have a feed from the tower
Pheonix ===> 9 milesout
Diadem ===> on bbc
leif ===> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
edisch ===> i don't get it... what we saw on cnn was the craft lifting off ?
Diadem ===> its actually on approach to land now...
Bourne ===> do we know what altitude he reached yet??
kc7rad ===> 34,000 ft
kc7rad ===> now...
Diadem ===> listen close on bbc and u can hear the tower chatter and flight level announcements
leif ===> nice head
kc7rad ===> nice oicture of someone's head...
Pheonix ===> nice headphones
FuriousBro ===> Reuters just confirmed it reached its altitude
Diadem ===> lol
Xman ===> LATEST: Privately financed craft reaches space for first time. More soon
Carn ===> cool
kc7rad ===> beauty, eh?
edisch ===> so, the craft is in space now?
sarag ===> 130 knots on descent
Pheonix ===> on its way down
Sigurd ===> <a href=";jsessionid=KTU32MV2BV1VWCRBAE0CFFA?type=topNews&amp;storyID=5473050" target="_blank">;jsessionid=KTU32MV2BV1VWCRBAE0CFFA?type=topNews&amp;storyID=5473050</a>
Diadem ===> its gliding down for landing
kc7rad ===> supposed to be on final for landing... That was a lot faster than I thought it would take...
FuriousBro ===> And to think Rutan wants to make an orbital vehicle next, that nutter
Carn ===> <FONT COLOR="#e40b8c">all this is smashing
Diadem ===> he's so cwazy
Pheonix ===> positively
Diadem ===>
Bourne ===> especially after how long it took top get up there - must have being one hell of a nose-dive!
EricFleet ===> Much easier to work WITH gravity than AGAINST
luke.r ===> Christ, I need a beer now!
AndyKing ===> Wassup folks? What was the altitude??????
kc7rad ===> Beer's on me. I just picked up a case yeaterday ;-)
Bourne ===> too true Eric!
Pheonix ===> 103k
AndyKing ===> confirmed??
Pheonix ===> i think
Diadem ===> yeppers
Diadem ===> by reuters
Bourne ===> The chase aircraft says the aft end of SpaceShipOne -- around the rocket engine -- looks good. Some thermal effects on the nose are also reported.
Diadem ===> bbc has a blur! it has a blur!
FuriousBro ===> Extra confirmation from ground control
Carn ===> Blur ?
kc7rad ===> 52 miles up, baby!
Bourne ===> Cameran mans, off on another wild goose chase trying to find it again!
AndyKing ===> bbc stream is crappy..
AndyKing ===> but at least it's something
FuriousBro ===> 62 miles ;p
Bourne ===> well done team - sounds like it made 62 miles...
owen ===> 62 miles
AndyKing ===> :D
kc7rad ===> sorry... fingers slipped!
Diadem ===> im watchin both bbc and msnbc
Bourne ===> (isn't the official target 62.5miles) ??
EricFleet ===> 100K
owen ===> they said it was over 100km
EricFleet ===> So if 103 kilometers is acurate, they hit 64 miles
Sigurd ===> 63 people on the xprize forum lol
Sigurd ===> that's again a new record
sarag ===> CNN has chase plane view of WK descending
sarag ===> sorry ground shot
Diadem ===> lol
jasohill1 ===> flipping sun shots!!!
sarag ===> sweet!
kc7rad ===> BBC camer operator is trying to burn-out his camera, I think...
AndyKing ===> Congrats to all of you for supporting Burt's team in your thoughts.. This is a truly GREAT and memorable day!
Carn ===> HAHA
AndyKing ===> :D
sarag ===> don't forget to support Xprize also
Pheonix ===> coming in
jasohill1 ===> where the heck is the ship?
AndyKing ===> yup
sarag ===> $20 well spent
Sigurd ===> After this don't forget to keep an eye on the xprize forum and the other teams
Diadem ===> oh boy oh boy
Carn ===> all this is really exciting
Diadem ===> move u stupid reporter! i cant seeee!
AndyKing ===> ahhahaa
sarag ===> lol! "Down in front"
AndyKing ===> my thoughts exactly
Diadem ===> there it is!!
jasohill1 ===> there it is!!!
Pheonix ===> woooooohoooo
Diadem ===> msnbc has it (finally)
Sigurd ===> let's hope the landing is ok, and then we can PART :d
Pheonix ===> hot ***
Carn ===> beautifull grey sky on bbc
Sigurd ===> err party
Diadem ===> lol
kc7rad ===> hehehe
alpha1 ===> beauty shot of ss1 on the bbc stream
luke.r ===> Back on of course, Sigurd?
kc7rad ===> NICE shot now on BBC!
sarag ===> CNN just switched from WK to SS1 and chase plane
Sigurd ===> yeps
sarag ===> beautiful shot
Diadem ===> and on msnbc!
Electrolyt ===> on you know that sucker's going FAST
Diadem ===> aww nevermind
Xman ===> US mission control confirmed the flight entered space, hoping the nose holds up on landing
Diadem ===> actually, i think its only at about 100 knots or so
EricFleet ===> Much like the moon landings, I think all this was faked... just some outtakes from the "Airplane!" series.
Diadem ===> that chase plane is a rop
Diadem ===> prop*
Carn ===> erk i see nothing with green text
Electrolyt ===> that's not fast?
Diadem ===> not really
FuriousBro ===> whoo here it comes
EricFleet ===> Much like the moon landings, I think all this was faked... just some outtakes from the "Airplane!" series.
kc7rad ===> here it comes!!! hahaha "hooahh" on chatter
Pheonix ===> in he comes!!
Carn ===> thnks :-)
Sigurd ===> it's on the ground
kc7rad ===> YES!!!!!!
FuriousBro ===> perfect touchdown!!!
AndyKing ===> TOUCHDOWN
Bourne ===>
Diadem ===> if a general av single engine plane under 200 horse can do it, it aint fast
AndyKing ===> :D DDDDDDD
Diadem ===> woooo!!!!
EricFleet ===> Beautiful
Electrolyt ===> yay!!!!
Diadem ===> now on msnbc!
asrg ===> YES
AndyKing ===> bbc is nice too... choppy but OK
alpha1 ===> sweet
kc7rad ===> PARTYPARTY! Crown Royal and Beer's on me!
sarag ===> did you catch the "SwissAir" piblicity?
clavis_ ===> good touchdown? he's coming to a stop?
FuriousBro ===> wow that spacecraft is tiny...
Carn ===> Space ship one is arrived
sarag ===> bet that was planned
Pheonix ===> he's stopped
Diadem ===> they are stopped, perfect landing
clavis_ ===> he's out of the spaceplane? looking happy?
kc7rad ===> He has stopped and they are doing a post-flight walk-around
AndyKing ===> cannot see
Diadem ===> cant tell yet
AndyKing ===> bbc TOO CHOPPY
FuriousBro ===> camera crews all over ss1
alpha1 ===> white knight fly over - nice!
Diadem ===> white knight just buzzed the field lol
sarag ===> CN coverage delayed about a minute
Bourne ===> get away from it - IT's COVERED IN SPACE PLAGUE!
Bourne ===>
sarag ===> WK buzzing npw on CNN
Diadem ===> we can see paul allen!
Electrolyt ===> lol
Diadem ===> and there's rutan!
Diadem ===> white knight landing
kc7rad ===> He's gotta be a happy camper!
edisch ===> coverage on cnn
Carn ===> bbc is blocked on a gry screen !!!
edisch ===> watch cnn
alpha1 ===> WK has landed
Pheonix ===> there's white knight
FuriousBro ===> bbc have perfect coverage, they aren't blocked..
kc7rad ===> White Knight now landing...
Diadem ===> hehe, Mojave SPACEPORT... sweet...
Carn ===> damned
Carn ===> so it s from me lol :-)
Electrolyt ===> now they just need to rename it mos eisly
Carn ===> fortunately i was also following it on a TV channel
Diadem ===> i dun have cable...
Bourne ===> nice fly by....
kc7rad ===> funny, their pilot recovery vehicle is a pickup with topper.
Diadem ===> ohhh, ur dang right it will
alpha1 ===> fer sure
kc7rad ===> Ya, the flyby was nice...
Diadem ===> lol
Carn ===> YEeeaaa evrything works !!!! hahahaaha (scuse my exaltation)
edisch ===> interesting comments on cnn ...
Bourne ===> Private craft makes space history - <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
sarag ===> BBC zoomed in on Burt's side-burns
AndyKing ===> The X-Prize is living its last weeks!
Bourne ===> good point
AndyKing ===> But the GREAT journey is JUST beginning!
Bourne ===> have to start a Y-prize pretty soon....
Electrolyt ===> on to the future!
AndyKing ===> YUP!
Electrolyt ===>
AndyKing ===> TO THE STARS
AndyKing ===> :D
kc7rad ===> SS1 now being towed away.
Bourne ===> it's off again...
AndyKing ===> aha
clavis_ ===> did they make a full burn with the engine? if so, shouldn't they have come higher than "just" 103km, since they have no passengers or ballast?
Diadem ===>
AndyKing ===> I want to kill the bbc cameraman... just joking..
FuriousBro ===> No reason to push their luck clavis. Small, safe increments
Diadem ===> lol, was that star trek fight scene music?
Pheonix ===> hey, he's better than forking msn
FuriousBro ===> lol diadem
AndyKing ===> :D
Bourne ===> from what little I've learned today - the full burn will be bewtween 70-90 secs. Today was between 60-70 secs.
clavis_ ===> furiousbro: so they did not make a full burn?
AndyKing ===> don't know, havent seen msn
clavis_ ===> ah, ok..
Bourne ===> (heard from the announcer on-site)
kc7rad ===> DAMN, I wish I were there...
AndyKing ===> don't we ALL....
Bourne ===> ...sorry - 'm a late ariiver, only heard about the launch this mornig on the tube into London
sarag ===> thay need to move firetruck so they can bring SS! to thje crowd
AndyKing ===> ss1 now being towed by the pickup
AndyKing ===> hahaha, see Mike's hand??
kc7rad ===> Pulling it by the crowd now... Pilot waving from the cockpit.
AndyKing ===> on bbc
alpha1 ===> lol
clavis_ ===> any sights of melvill?
AndyKing ===> hahaha
alpha1 ===> "lemme out!"
AndyKing ===> :D
AndyKing ===> NOW HIS THUMB
AndyKing ===> bbc stream is hilarious..
AndyKing ===> :D
Pheonix ===> there he is
FuriousBro ===> bbc stream is great, if not erratic
alpha1 ===> they need a better soundtrack...
sarag ===> bet he didn't put his hand out like that on the way up !
Bourne ===> cool - a welcome home disco !
AndyKing ===> Phoenix, you watching bbc? msn?
Pheonix ===> bbc
AndyKing ===> sarag, lmao
AndyKing ===> here's MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alpha1 ===> there he is...
kc7rad ===> I could do without that disco stuff, tho.
AndyKing ===> Congrats to MIKE
Diadem ===> he obviously didnt... he still has it, lol
kc7rad ===> He went up with a cap on?
Diadem ===> the only way to fly
Electrolyt ===> I'm so glad this chat was put up, it made this even cooler than it already is
Pheonix ===> yeah
AndyKing ===> agreed
alpha1 ===> lol – M&M's
AndyKing ===> :D
Bourne ===> Sponsored by M&M???
FuriousBro ===> lol, M&Ms
Bourne ===>
Diadem ===> woo for m&m's!!
Pheonix ===> Space M&M's!!!1
kc7rad ===> TNX fer the thanks... I wish I could have thought ahead and put something up that was better.
sarag ===> get that man a mike!
Diadem ===> M&M's... the candy of the future (TM)!
EricFleet ===> cya! Thanks for putting this up
Pheonix ===> cya
Bourne ===> yeah - cheers
kc7rad ===> Later & TNX for joining
kc7rad ===> Was Burt crying???
kc7rad ===> I sure would be!
AndyKing ===> was he?
Diadem ===> awww, he's bashful
Carn ===> yes he is
Carn ===> ink
Electrolyt ===> me too, all these guys are going to be famous for like, forever
AndyKing ===> )
bad_astra ===> the Space Age finally began today
kc7rad ===> Man, I need a smoke and a shot of Crown now! :-)
AndyKing ===> sort of..
Diadem ===> hey, this is kinda the beginning of a new era, aint it?
Carn ===> exactly what i am thinking
Diadem ===> you know what that means.... partyyyyyyy!!!!!!
AndyKing ===> well, sort of..
Illbeback ===> thx for the new
bad_astra ===> I think I am the only Northrop Grumman guy in the company with a scaled plane on his desktop
Diadem ===> lol
AndyKing ===> What do other NG guys have?
AndyKing ===> carmen Electra?
AndyKing ===> :D
bad_astra ===> you got it lol
AndyKing ===> hehe
Diadem ===> i have that hi res pic of wk and ss1 with mojave airport in the background
AndyKing ===> btw, bad_astra, Northrop Grumman rules! You are lucky to work in a company like that!
bad_astra ===> I had Blue Ridge Nebula Plywood Cruiser on my desktop for awhile
Diadem ===> hahaha
bad_astra ===> thanks andy
Sigurd ===> hahaha, Blue Ridge.. they are so cool (in crap :d))
Diadem ===> and i thought Blue Ridge was a sure win!
Carn ===> lol
AndyKing ===> although I like Lockheed Martin better! :-P :P joking..
Diadem ===> dang, the dissapointment
FuriousBro ===> significant announcements in an hour!
FuriousBro ===> hmm
bad_astra ===> I wonder if Branson was down there
Diadem ===> i wanna see vid from ss1!!
AndyKing ===> he was up there...
AndyKing ===> :D
Diadem ===> i do believe those will be excellent
Electrolyt ===> me too
AndyKing ===> yeah, yeah, Diadem, be patient
AndyKing ===> :D
Bourne ===> you would've thougfht they would've put on their best gear for the photos!...
AndyKing ===> don't freak out while waiting..
AndyKing ===> ;)
Diadem ===> i cant sit still
AndyKing ===> hehe
AndyKing ===> don't sit... run around a little..
AndyKing ===> cool down
AndyKing ===> take a few deep breaths
bad_astra ===> i dont know.. Burt always looks like he just rode back from Woodstock on an old Triumph
Diadem ===> lol
AndyKing ===> :D
Carn ===> lucky guy ;-)
Pheonix ===> i'm soooooo jealous
dUm ===> has there been a final figure for apogee?
Pheonix ===> i wanna ride the rocket...
AndyKing ===> 62 miles
kc7rad ===> it's front page on <a href="" target="_blank"></a> right now!
Diadem ===> well, for 98,000 dollars...
bad_astra ===> did they hit 328k?
AndyKing ===> didn't they?
FuriousBro ===> front of CNN too
AndyKing ===> lol website has crashed...
AndyKing ===> imho for several hours for sure.
bad_astra ===> spaceflight now crashed for awhile
AndyKing ===> firggin' stupid bbc cameraman... why is he filming concrete??
Diadem ===> ah well, there wont be pics there for a while yet i bet
FuriousBro ===> that's sacred concrete now
AndyKing ===> yeah, so go to bed..
AndyKing ===> Furious, ROFLMAO... HAHAHAH
AndyKing ===> quote of the century ---> that's sacred concrete now
kc7rad ===> front page on <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Xman ===> lol camerman moaning he couldn't find the aircraft
Diadem ===> bbc just died
kc7rad ===> NO!!! Is the BBC feed ended?
FuriousBro ===> front page on almost every news site I visit
Carn ===> yes
Sigurd ===> I think so yes
Diadem ===> looks like it might be
Diadem ===> that beep is annoying
FuriousBro ===> Oh well, back to regular life. Let's just hope the pace doesn't ease up now. Fingers crossed the other teams get to 100km soon, and I can't wait to hear more of Rutan's vision for orbital
Carn ===> Good bye evrybody ! i am very happy ! all this is mind blowing
FuriousBro ===> cya guys!
Diadem ===> I'm gonna check out now, see you all on the message boards, hopefully!
kc7rad ===> Well, I't done! I guess I had better get back to real-life soon and pay some bills.
bad_astra ===> now its time to see if Da Vinci has just been secrative of full of hype
bad_astra ===> see you furious
kc7rad ===> I will leave this chat-room open for anyone who wants to know.
Sigurd ===> going to work.. many things to report, cya and don't forget to visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
AndyKing00 ===> these have been some awesome hours of history
bad_astra ===> see you kx7rad. 73 kx7rad de kb4uhk
AndyKing00 ===> Sigurd, good luck..
Sigurd ===> @kc7rad, can you make a log of this chattext ?
kc7rad ===> kb4uhk, 73s de kc7rad... sk
AndyKing00 ===> btw, why is noone commenting in the blogspot?? :?
kc7rad ===> Sigurd, Yes, I think I can. I will let you know shortly...
Sigurd ===> oke, post it on the forum.. I'm going now, cya all and thanks for showing your intrests in scaled and the xprize
NWade ===> Anyone know if any media outlets / web-streams are going to cover the press conference in an hour?
Electrolyt ===> I can't say how cool this has been. I'm without words. Later guys!
NWade ===> I know it was not put on with a lot of advanced warning; but I'm kinda surprised that NASA TV didn't do any coverage.
AndyKing00 ===> I'll repeat what NWade just said – Anyone know if any media outlets / web-streams are going to cover the press conference in an hour? It's friggin' IMPORTANT
NWade ===> I REALLY hope someone covers it. Some stupid 30-word article on MSN or CNN later on won't really capture the conference - like when the rovers touched down, watchnig the press conferences really gave you a feel for the whole team.
AndyKing00 ===> have all the radio streams ended?? I was too late to hear them as the servers were full before the launch.. maybe now they're halw empty?
kc7rad ===> Yes, I think all of the streams are done.
AndyKing00 ===> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
AndyKing00 ===> :D :D
AndyKing00 ===> damn, I guess the stream ended...
AndyKing00 ===> maybe not
AndyKing00 ===> damn, it WILL end..
kc7rad ===> Just ended...
NWade2 ===> *grumbles about IE*
AndyKing00 ===> crap, %#$&amp;*T%$#%$@$
NWade2 ===> Andy - sadly, the only good coverage I found was Mike Melville talking to reporters after getting out of SSO.

Ken Linder - KC7RAD
"We turned our gaze From the castles in the distance, Eyes cast down On the path of least resistance" Rush, "A Farewell to Kings"

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